Scone with pistachio and orange blossom

In general, I always have an anecdote to tell with my recipe, but there, no, nothing, NADA !! You will tell me, it is not very a big deal if I have no anecdote to tell. Yes it is true ! I am not even sure that my small introductions are always read (even if I try to make it short because I am the first discouraged when the text is too long).

Finally, in this case, I wanted to make scones. I put a few weeks before finding the flavor that I wanted and as soon as I found, as soon as I put myself to the stoves. It’s that simple !

And so pistachio and orange blossom, these are sweet flavors that I really appreciate. I hope you will like as much as I do. Continue reading

Beat Cake

Many of you should not know what a beaten cake is, so I’ll start by telling you that it’s a specialty from Picardy. And, in summary, it is a kind of brioche very rich in butter and eggs. For me, it’s obviously much more than that! This is the finishing touch to many family meals. Final touch that we all willingly take even if we are no longer hungry at this stage.

This beaten cake is a huge wink to my family, and I am very happy to be able to propose it today. I am very fortunate to have managed to recover the adequate mold (no more manufactured this day) thanks to my godmother.

Regarding the preparation, it was a different story. As Mercotte (a French cook blogger in France) very well said, not easy to find itself there! No, because the recipes follow one another but are not alike. The recipe here is the second I made, the first having ended in failure. Finally the main thing is that I finally succeeded! Continue reading

Caramel & chocolate fondant

I have to admit, I never get the texture that I want when I make a fluffy or a fondant. We can say that these are basics of pastry but nothing can be done, I’m always disappointed … until this fondant with chocolate and caramel. This is the revelation !! I am all the more pleased that I cooked without really have a recipe to take example on, following my instinct.

The advantage of this recipe is that it does not require much time and material. I did not have much time to do it so I did everything in one container: a saucepan. So it is a quick recipe, ultra greedy (although I tried to limit the dose of butter and sugar compared to some recipes that I saw), perfect for snacks, desserts, young and olders!

By speaking of olders, it is my colleagues who have the chance to taste it and I guarantee you success with. The balance between caramel and chocolate is good, the cake is not too sweet, just what you need and well, yes, there is butter, but it could have been worse !! Continue reading

Fir tree in marshmallow

Phew, this recipe, it has had a close shave!! !! Let me explain, Sauta Claus arrived earlier this year, he found me an apartment so that I could finally move.I can tell you that the last weekend was not an easy one (not leaving me the time to cook), but that’s it, I am in my new at my home 🙂

No time to discover my neighborhood, no, I took advantage of being very close to my work to cook in the evening when coming back and offer you these pretty Christmas trees. And I’m quite proud, for once, I propose a recipe in the theme of Christmas before the end of the festivities. With a little luck, I could even post a Christmas log before the 24 (fingers crossed).

And about these trees, I had the idea like that and I was burst obviously to do them !! Apart from the preparation of the marshmallow which is a little sensitive, I think that it is a candy which we can prepare with our children for the pleasure of all. Continue reading

Parisian brioche

I really wanted to redo a brioche for the blog, and at the same time, I was very apprehensive. I explain, I love to eat brioche and I like to do it even more I think. It amuses me: kneading, seeing it grow (or not), degassing it and then let it rest to see it swell and brown in the oven. It’s like a game! It’s hard to explain but it’s exhilarating. I also know that my brioches are always expected at home so it adds to my pleasure to make it.

But you probably know my puff brioche which turns out to be one of the recipes that works best on the blog, which gives me slightly pressure to the idea of publishing a new one. I do not want it to be less well perceived, especially that it was not less good, I can assure you !!

Brioche à tête

I really wanted to make a brioche with head also named Parisian brioche), this shape amuses me a lot and when I found a mold at the bottom of a closet at home, I did not hesitate a second. It was so good, crisp on the outside and very fluffy on the inside. My brother, the most ruthless judge (and not very fair most of the time) has taken it over and over so you can go head-on. Continue reading