Apple and caramel pie

The season of apples is back and I can tell you that I am going to enjoy it as much as I can! I claim my Norman origins as much as I can, then the apple, it is a little my emblem! Obviously, when I received the parcel of La Mère Poulard with a jar of salted butter caramel, I knew that it could not serve otherwise than with apples.

So no apples caramelized here. I tried to be original and work the apple pie otherwise. I made a compote that I surmounted with vanilla and caramel cream.

And just to let you know, I made this pie on the eve of my participation to the Paris-Versailles race, so, to limit the costs, I tasted the pie with a small piece and I gave the rest to my neighbors! What a sacrifice !!! Continue reading

Mirabelles’ tarte tatin

We agree, the season of mirabelles is far too short? And with my legendary anticipation, I found myself again near the end of the season without having posted a recipe. This little golden fruit always intrigues me, so, every time he shows up, I want to do something with it.

Yes but what ? That’s the question I asked myself for days. Can not choose a recipe. Tart, compote, clafoutis …? Blank page ! Until the evening when I attended a party where, amongst all the food there, I saw in the  the mini mirabelles’ tarte tatin. They were so good, so perfect that I did not hesitate anymore.

The mirabelle being a very sweet fruit, I opted for an express tarte tatin and I skipped the caramel stage. But it’s still a tarte tatin, you will understand by reading the recipe 😉 Continue reading

Blueberry and speculoos pie

Well, I see the week going by and I realize that I still have not written my article. Is it me or days pass very quickly right now? Always right and left and I forget the most important? Obviously not 🙂

To cut a long story short, A little while ago, blueberries were totally unknown to me. This little black thing there? Do not know ! And I don’t know how and when I tasted it for the first time, but I can’t live without it now. With my yogurts, my pancakes, my pies, I can put it everywhere!

Speculoos is another story, a very long love history between him and me. I decided to associate both to test (I did not think to take a big risk to tell you the truth) and I was right 🙂 I hope you will test it because it is really delicious. Continue reading

Rhubarb pie of my Mom (Well, almost!)

Well almost ? I explain to you ! This pie, I made it thinking about my mom because she often make when the rhubarb season comes. But when I told her I was putting almond powder, she stirred up scandal !! Not to mention that it does not disgorge rhubarb either. We love acidity at home !!

The difference also lies in the pastry. My mother opts for a short pastry while it is by far the dough that I like the least. I find that the sweet and crust pastry are much more greedy.

Finally in the idea, it is still the pie of my mother eh, the pie of my childhood! I just made some changes to make it appealing for a big majority. Because yes, oust the strong acidity !! Here the taste of rhubarb is widely softened and it is a pure delight 🙂 Continue reading

Orange and cinnamon tartlets

First time the orange appears on the blog !! I like the idea that after more than two years, I can still post recipes with absent ingredients until there. If we consider the multitude of ingredients throughout the world, it is true that it is less astonishing but good, I speak of orange here, let’s say it is a fairly “common” fruit.

Nothing surprising if I tell you that I never eat orange or orange biscuit or orange cake, etc … My connection with this fruit is limited to the glass of orange juice that I take every morning !! I do not know why, it’s like that. I eat an orange a year maybe and it is done for 2017 with these tarts that reconcile me greatly with this fruit.

I had the idea of these tartlets just like that, I was trying to make tarts like the kiwi ones I proposed before and I thought strangely about orange. The choice of adding cinnamon to the custard was quick. She marries very well with the orange and I love it so much that it was a way for me to ensure a successful tasting !! Continue reading