Roasted peaches with maple syrup & homemade granola

Yes, my recipe relies mainly on peaches, it is nevertheless of my homemade granola I want to talk about. I eat literally every day and I rarely do it myself. I am a bit ashamed sometimes but it’s so easy to reach out and put the pack in the basket …

Finally, when I decided to make these roasted peaches, I knew it was an opportunity to finally make my own granola and try to change some of the usual recipes. So no, I did not put any original dried fruits or nuts, I just opted for maple syrup to flavor everything.

So it’s roasted peaches and maple syrup granola that I am proposing today. It’s mega simple to do and god it is good… This recipe really confirms that it is useless to make complicate to have something good! ” Continue reading

Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake (without cooking)

This recipe, it’s been a while that she is on my to do list. But raspberry oblige, I had to wait this summer before realizing it. I’m quite mitigated on cheesecakes, I like it, but it’s not crazy love either. So I’m waiting for the cheesecake that will change my mind !!

Here I made a cheesecake without cooking. The problem is that I had never eaten it, so hard to be critical. I liked it very much, I found it very light and the little tastes of fresh raspberry and chocolate biscuit are perfect.

I did not know how to be critical of this recipe but my colleagues were for me. On their behalf, I can assure you that cheesecake is delicious 🙂 Continue reading

Blueberry and speculoos pie

Well, I see the week going by and I realize that I still have not written my article. Is it me or days pass very quickly right now? Always right and left and I forget the most important? Obviously not 🙂

To cut a long story short, A little while ago, blueberries were totally unknown to me. This little black thing there? Do not know ! And I don’t know how and when I tasted it for the first time, but I can’t live without it now. With my yogurts, my pancakes, my pies, I can put it everywhere!

Speculoos is another story, a very long love history between him and me. I decided to associate both to test (I did not think to take a big risk to tell you the truth) and I was right 🙂 I hope you will test it because it is really delicious. Continue reading

Nectarine and tarragon granita

And this is what we called a rescue !! And yes, I wanted to make a sorbet at first, but nothing I could do, he never wanted to take … It’s sure that when it’s 30 degrees in your kitchen, even if you have put your ice cream maker at freezer more than 12 h, it does not take long before it warm up! So I persisted and put it all in the freezer, but I saw that I could not get the excepted sorbet. The time past and I realized that I had a super granite under the eyes 🙂

For the choice of flavors, it’s simple! I was inspired by party I’ve been where nectarines with tarragon have been cooked on a barbecue.I had a big crush for this association and it did not disappoint me with this icy version!

Nothing to do with, I find that my blog turns to monochromatic with all these yellow-orange recipes not? I will have to remedy this! Continue reading

Coconut Yogurts

I went home Sunday night with no recipes on stock to publish. In the idea, it is not a big deal, it is true! For once, I might not publish my weekly recipe, but I would really live it as a lack.

I think of doing this recipe for a long time now. You should know that if you tell me “yoghurt”, I will reply “coconut”. Both are inseparable for me !! I eat it all the time 🙂

And lacking time, I immediately think of doing this. 5 minutes of preparation, one night in the oven and a few hours of rest in the refrigerator and it’s good! As you can see, I did not use a yogurt maker. I followed really good advices from another French blogger and I got creamy yogurt as I wished 🙂 Continue reading