Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake (without cooking)

This recipe, it’s been a while that she is on my to do list. But raspberry oblige, I had to wait this summer before realizing it. I’m quite mitigated on cheesecakes, I like it, but it’s not crazy love either. So I’m waiting for the cheesecake that will change my mind !!

Here I made a cheesecake without cooking. The problem is that I had never eaten it, so hard to be critical. I liked it very much, I found it very light and the little tastes of fresh raspberry and chocolate biscuit are perfect.

I did not know how to be critical of this recipe but my colleagues were for me. On their behalf, I can assure you that cheesecake is delicious 🙂 Continue reading

Chocolate & vanilla millefeuille

When the time comes to make a puff pastry, I always scroll. Yes, why bother while my mum masters it very well and she can do it to me ?! And it was by thinking to delegate the delicate part of the recipe that I made up my mind to make a millefeuille.

And oh incredible, I finally had the courage to get started. Yes but I thought of you, I did not make a traditional puff pastry, I preferred to opt for an easy puff pastry thinking that it would make everyone happy and that it would make this recipe realizable by all. Honestly, it was mainly me whom that it arranged …

And it is clear that making this puff pastry is child’s play, it is very fast and the result was beyond my expectations. I was very surprised and my mother a little demoralized to realize that she was always bothered while she could have a perfectly acceptable result in three times less time.

So I am very proud to present my first millefeuille with my first puff pastry 🙂 And the result is not bad, isn’t it? Continue reading

Banana & Chocolate crumble

The crumble is a dessert ultra simple and ultra fast to make. It is the dessert which combines fondant, crisp and which is greedy whatever we can put inside. It is the dessert I love above all else. I never eat it to the restaurant, no, I eat the crumble of my mom and mine.

When I am at home, I love to make crumbles duo with one side with apples and the other with banana and chocolate, all, in one dish. No need to choose like that !! Here, I confined myself to the chocolate banana crumble. As much to say that it is 100% of greed.

And you, what crumble do you prefer?

This is not the first time I propose crumble here but surprisingly, I proposed only a sweet crumble, one with rhubarb and two salty crumbles, with salmon and vegetables of summer. I plead guilty, I love it so much that I eat crumbles in all sauces !! Continue reading

Small tarts with chocolate mousse

What, sugar ? Chocolate again ? Still she would have made an almond cake, we would have understood because it’s the time for, but some chocolate, it is just to push the vice to its paroxysm!! And yes! You know me, you know that me and the chocolate, it is for ever and even if we have already eaten a lot of it during the festivities (although not that much on my side), I’m stil lasking for more 🙂

More seriously, I had in mind these small sweets for a while and I am glad i did it and took advantage of the festivities to share it a little with everybody. It is finally only some chocolate mousse on a base of biscuits which we usually find in cheesecakes.

And the result is finally quite light, the chocolate mousse giving a fairly aerial appearance. And then by making small entremets, we don’t have the stodgy aspect, one can eat one or more according to desires.

And I obviously can not finish this article without wiwh you a very beautiful year. I wish you to be happy and enjoy this year as much as possible!  Continue reading

Caramel & chocolate fondant

I have to admit, I never get the texture that I want when I make a fluffy or a fondant. We can say that these are basics of pastry but nothing can be done, I’m always disappointed … until this fondant with chocolate and caramel. This is the revelation !! I am all the more pleased that I cooked without really have a recipe to take example on, following my instinct.

The advantage of this recipe is that it does not require much time and material. I did not have much time to do it so I did everything in one container: a saucepan. So it is a quick recipe, ultra greedy (although I tried to limit the dose of butter and sugar compared to some recipes that I saw), perfect for snacks, desserts, young and olders!

By speaking of olders, it is my colleagues who have the chance to taste it and I guarantee you success with. The balance between caramel and chocolate is good, the cake is not too sweet, just what you need and well, yes, there is butter, but it could have been worse !! Continue reading