Scone with pistachio and orange blossom

In general, I always have an anecdote to tell with my recipe, but there, no, nothing, NADA !! You will tell me, it is not very a big deal if I have no anecdote to tell. Yes it is true ! I am not even sure that my small introductions are always read (even if I try to make it short because I am the first discouraged when the text is too long).

Finally, in this case, I wanted to make scones. I put a few weeks before finding the flavor that I wanted and as soon as I found, as soon as I put myself to the stoves. It’s that simple !

And so pistachio and orange blossom, these are sweet flavors that I really appreciate. I hope you will like as much as I do. Continue reading

Beat Cake

Many of you should not know what a beaten cake is, so I’ll start by telling you that it’s a specialty from Picardy. And, in summary, it is a kind of brioche very rich in butter and eggs. For me, it’s obviously much more than that! This is the finishing touch to many family meals. Final touch that we all willingly take even if we are no longer hungry at this stage.

This beaten cake is a huge wink to my family, and I am very happy to be able to propose it today. I am very fortunate to have managed to recover the adequate mold (no more manufactured this day) thanks to my godmother.

Regarding the preparation, it was a different story. As Mercotte (a French cook blogger in France) very well said, not easy to find itself there! No, because the recipes follow one another but are not alike. The recipe here is the second I made, the first having ended in failure. Finally the main thing is that I finally succeeded! Continue reading

Parisian brioche

I really wanted to redo a brioche for the blog, and at the same time, I was very apprehensive. I explain, I love to eat brioche and I like to do it even more I think. It amuses me: kneading, seeing it grow (or not), degassing it and then let it rest to see it swell and brown in the oven. It’s like a game! It’s hard to explain but it’s exhilarating. I also know that my brioches are always expected at home so it adds to my pleasure to make it.

But you probably know my puff brioche which turns out to be one of the recipes that works best on the blog, which gives me slightly pressure to the idea of publishing a new one. I do not want it to be less well perceived, especially that it was not less good, I can assure you !!

Brioche à tête

I really wanted to make a brioche with head also named Parisian brioche), this shape amuses me a lot and when I found a mold at the bottom of a closet at home, I did not hesitate a second. It was so good, crisp on the outside and very fluffy on the inside. My brother, the most ruthless judge (and not very fair most of the time) has taken it over and over so you can go head-on. Continue reading

Apple turnovers

Girl, when I had the choice between several croissants and similar products in the bakery, I took never, but never the apple turnover. It is necessary to recognize it, it is not practical to eat, the compote will necessarily overflow at some point. It also happens that the puff pastry is not made with pure butter and there, I do not explain you my reaction (remark which also applies to the other croissants and similar products moreover). And finally, the cold compote in a cold turnover, that does not really attract me.

And there, you say yourselves: ” she is taking down her recipe rather than highlighting it “. It is true that it is not the best way of promoting apple turnovers but rather how things can change. Everything is a question of ingredient and temperature!! Good apples, a little cinnamon (obviously), a puff pastry “homemade”, a tasting at the exit of the oven and it’s done!!

Chaussons aux pommes

For lack of time (because at the moment, I prefer spend time with my friends and outside the weekend), my great mom made the puff pastry, thus it is “homemade” I like it!! But as it is not me who made it, I am not going to describe the stages of the preparation, I would have the impression to lie to you. I modified slightly the form of slippers because the original version does not attract me too much either (I am not difficult generally, I assure you)!

What it is necessary to keep in mind at the end, it is that the desserts and other sweetnesses with apples will always be among my favorites!! Continue reading

Banana bread with peanut butter and chocolate

This banana bread, I had all the reasons to make it and I am obviously going to explain to you why. Not long ago, during a party with my friends, we spoke of making one because there is apparently a mythical recipe (I do not know yet if it is in the right direction) which circulates and which deserves that I taste it. Here, the simple fact of evoking banana bread tempted me to make one! And then two weeks ago, friends brought one banana bread with chocolate chips, and there, impossible to control myself, I threw myself on it! And here, it is the word “return” which rang at my ears!

Banana read is a recipe which we see a lot on the web, which often returns and that I nevertheless never realized. Fortunately,  I can eat it sometimes thanks to my friends but all the same it’s a pity not to make one myself. Then, action, reaction (not to quote a movie which everybody knows in France), I finally made my own banana bread.

Banana bread au beurre de cacahuète et chocolat

For the choice of ingredients, let us say that I discovered Reese (American chocolate with some peanut butter) and I fell madly about it. I wanted to make a dessert in this spirit for a long time and I found that that it fitted quite well with banana cake. And I’m not disappointed at all! The peanut butter replaces the butter to bring some good fat (I believe) and its taste is perfect. And the cake was soft as one pleases! Continue reading