Beat Cake

Many of you should not know what a beaten cake is, so I’ll start by telling you that it’s a specialty from Picardy. And, in summary, it is a kind of brioche very rich in butter and eggs. For me, it’s obviously much more than that! This is the finishing touch to many family meals. Final touch that we all willingly take even if we are no longer hungry at this stage.

This beaten cake is a huge wink to my family, and I am very happy to be able to propose it today. I am very fortunate to have managed to recover the adequate mold (no more manufactured this day) thanks to my godmother.

Regarding the preparation, it was a different story. As Mercotte (a French cook blogger in France) very well said, not easy to find itself there! No, because the recipes follow one another but are not alike. The recipe here is the second I made, the first having ended in failure. Finally the main thing is that I finally succeeded! Continue reading

Orange blossom flat bread

For some of you, this recipe will remind you something. Indeed, we find mainly these flat breads (fougassettes in Frech) in the region of Grasse in the French Riviera. I have for wanted to abandon the North of France 2 min to find the sun and the good smells of the South of France.

For the record, I was lucky enoughto live in a few months in Grasse while I did not have another 20 years old which allowed me to discover this magnificent capital of perfume but also some of their culinary specialities. I go back from time to time thanks to my job and I always have so much pleasure to go there. It is moreover to the bend of a street in the old town of Grasse not long ago that I discovered this “fougassette”.  I have to tell you, although I would have liked to make it last, I devoured whole in no time!

Petites fougassettes à la fleur d'oranger

I did not obviously want to wait to come down again in the South to be able to smell this soft odor of orange blossom filled my kitchen during the cooking of these small fougassettes. Small, yes because the original version isbigger than the one that I made today. I wanted to have flat bread which I can take with me in my bag to eat them when I feel peckish but it is up to you to make bigger fougassettes. Continue reading

Puff brioche

It had been a long time since this brioche made eyes at me and now I finally took time to make it. I have to admit that this trend of a little bit original brioches pleases me a lot. But, I have difficulty in resolving to make a recipe which we see already a lot on the Web, it’s a pity to stop for that, then I hope to make more efforts to propose you fashionable recipes, even if I am not a pioneer.

Here, the difficulty lives in the lamination of the dough which I begin finally to master (yeeeees^^). Finally this brioche is a real delight, crumb is soft as one pleases. I can assure you that it did not last long. Here we are, it is what I also like with brioches, it is that they please a large number. Difficult to resist!!

Brioche feuilletée Continue reading

Tropezian Crown

It happens that I want at all costs to make a recipe! I think once about it and presto, I am obsessed about it. But guess what, there are always other recipes that interfere and then time passes and this famous recipe is still waiting in the closet.

It’s a bit what happened to Saint Tropez pie. For months I wanted to do it and, then, it is only now that I realized it. But it’s perfect because it’s summer and or me, it’s the perfect recipe for summer !

Couronne tropézienne

What I love about this pie (transformed into crown here) is that it reminds me of the famous buns of orange flower that I love. Despite the brioche and cream muslin, I think it remains a very light dessert. Continue reading

Raisin buns

Raisin buns, I did not like it being young. I believe that few children like that, we all have a preference for the chocolate croissant, needless to say why!!

And then, there are only fools who do not change their mind! I tried it again not  long ago and now I do not want to come out. I can not explain it, it’s like all the pastries, we love this soft, this crisp, this butter !! And raisin buns are no longer an exception.


I decided to realize it myself a few months ago and it was a real failure. I must say that I had never made Danish paste by the past and I charged ahead without knowing where I was going. This time I have taken the time to understand my mistakes and I cooked on good foundations. Continue reading