Brownie with chestnut cream, pear and walnut

You would have asked me a few years ago, I would have told you that I do not like Autumn at all. It was a sad, mournful season for months, when it rains too much. And then I learned to appreciate the colors before the leaves fall on the ground, I learned to appreciate the fruits and vegetables of this season and I understood how all this could be inspiring.

The chestnut cream is like autumn, I appreciate it recently! So I tame it slowly. For this time, I used it to make this brownie 100% autumnal.

The resulting texture is just exceptional, and then it changes of the traditional brownie 🙂 Continue reading

Caramel cream

I think I have already talked about it, I find less and less time to take care of the blog. But, even though my days are more busy at the moment, I also realize that I do not find motivation. I do not see myself without the blog and therefore I do not resolve myself to make a pause that would be beneficial. I have always been careful to post a recipe a week, but it is possible that I reduce significantly, this will be a way for me not to stop but to relax a little.

In the meantime, I propose a simple caramel cream. This time, it’s really my mom’s recipe. I just chose to make small versions rather than a large one.

These little caramel creams have a good taste of childhood 🙂 Continue reading

Apple and caramel pie

The season of apples is back and I can tell you that I am going to enjoy it as much as I can! I claim my Norman origins as much as I can, then the apple, it is a little my emblem! Obviously, when I received the parcel of La Mère Poulard with a jar of salted butter caramel, I knew that it could not serve otherwise than with apples.

So no apples caramelized here. I tried to be original and work the apple pie otherwise. I made a compote that I surmounted with vanilla and caramel cream.

And just to let you know, I made this pie on the eve of my participation to the Paris-Versailles race, so, to limit the costs, I tasted the pie with a small piece and I gave the rest to my neighbors! What a sacrifice !!! Continue reading

Mirabelles’ tarte tatin

We agree, the season of mirabelles is far too short? And with my legendary anticipation, I found myself again near the end of the season without having posted a recipe. This little golden fruit always intrigues me, so, every time he shows up, I want to do something with it.

Yes but what ? That’s the question I asked myself for days. Can not choose a recipe. Tart, compote, clafoutis …? Blank page ! Until the evening when I attended a party where, amongst all the food there, I saw in the  the mini mirabelles’ tarte tatin. They were so good, so perfect that I did not hesitate anymore.

The mirabelle being a very sweet fruit, I opted for an express tarte tatin and I skipped the caramel stage. But it’s still a tarte tatin, you will understand by reading the recipe 😉 Continue reading

Roasted peaches with maple syrup & homemade granola

Yes, my recipe relies mainly on peaches, it is nevertheless of my homemade granola I want to talk about. I eat literally every day and I rarely do it myself. I am a bit ashamed sometimes but it’s so easy to reach out and put the pack in the basket …

Finally, when I decided to make these roasted peaches, I knew it was an opportunity to finally make my own granola and try to change some of the usual recipes. So no, I did not put any original dried fruits or nuts, I just opted for maple syrup to flavor everything.

So it’s roasted peaches and maple syrup granola that I am proposing today. It’s mega simple to do and god it is good… This recipe really confirms that it is useless to make complicate to have something good! ” Continue reading