Banana & Chocolate crumble

The crumble is a dessert ultra simple and ultra fast to make. It is the dessert which combines fondant, crisp and which is greedy whatever we can put inside. It is the dessert I love above all else. I never eat it to the restaurant, no, I eat the crumble of my mom and mine.

When I am at home, I love to make crumbles duo with one side with apples and the other with banana and chocolate, all, in one dish. No need to choose like that !! Here, I confined myself to the chocolate banana crumble. As much to say that it is 100% of greed.

And you, what crumble do you prefer?

This is not the first time I propose crumble here but surprisingly, I proposed only a sweet crumble, one with rhubarb and two salty crumbles, with salmon and vegetables of summer. I plead guilty, I love it so much that I eat crumbles in all sauces !! Continue reading

Scone with pistachio and orange blossom

In general, I always have an anecdote to tell with my recipe, but there, no, nothing, NADA !! You will tell me, it is not very a big deal if I have no anecdote to tell. Yes it is true ! I am not even sure that my small introductions are always read (even if I try to make it short because I am the first discouraged when the text is too long).

Finally, in this case, I wanted to make scones. I put a few weeks before finding the flavor that I wanted and as soon as I found, as soon as I put myself to the stoves. It’s that simple !

And so pistachio and orange blossom, these are sweet flavors that I really appreciate. I hope you will like as much as I do. Continue reading

Beat Cake

Many of you should not know what a beaten cake is, so I’ll start by telling you that it’s a specialty from Picardy. And, in summary, it is a kind of brioche very rich in butter and eggs. For me, it’s obviously much more than that! This is the finishing touch to many family meals. Final touch that we all willingly take even if we are no longer hungry at this stage.

This beaten cake is a huge wink to my family, and I am very happy to be able to propose it today. I am very fortunate to have managed to recover the adequate mold (no more manufactured this day) thanks to my godmother.

Regarding the preparation, it was a different story. As Mercotte (a French cook blogger in France) very well said, not easy to find itself there! No, because the recipes follow one another but are not alike. The recipe here is the second I made, the first having ended in failure. Finally the main thing is that I finally succeeded! Continue reading

Crepes cake with coconut, mango and kiwi

It’s strange for me to make crepes without chocolate from near and far in the recipe! But it’s a good thing to vary a bit. Luckily there were more crepes than necessary so I could catch the chocolate spread to make me a little crepes  🙂 I even dared to mix nutella and peanut butter (my explorer side) and the result was really not bad !!

Back to my recipe, it’s finally an exotic crepes cake. No surprise, coconut, mango and kiwi go perfectly together. This gives a fresh and fruity set very pleasant. And then it changes of what you usually see no?

I’m just a little disappointed, I think my pancakes are a bit whites. They should be cooked a little more. But I trust you, you will do better than me !! Continue reading

Orange and cinnamon tartlets

First time the orange appears on the blog !! I like the idea that after more than two years, I can still post recipes with absent ingredients until there. If we consider the multitude of ingredients throughout the world, it is true that it is less astonishing but good, I speak of orange here, let’s say it is a fairly “common” fruit.

Nothing surprising if I tell you that I never eat orange or orange biscuit or orange cake, etc … My connection with this fruit is limited to the glass of orange juice that I take every morning !! I do not know why, it’s like that. I eat an orange a year maybe and it is done for 2017 with these tarts that reconcile me greatly with this fruit.

I had the idea of these tartlets just like that, I was trying to make tarts like the kiwi ones I proposed before and I thought strangely about orange. The choice of adding cinnamon to the custard was quick. She marries very well with the orange and I love it so much that it was a way for me to ensure a successful tasting !! Continue reading