Mini cakes with zucchini, pesto and goat

As soon as I got home from Bali (I so want to to tell you about it), I rush to write this recipe before fatigue takes me. As I would have stayed on vacation a little longer, I propose a summer recipe. Picnic with friends? Snack during a trip? Aperitif? These minis cakes will easily intrude on your kitchen.

I think it is easy to make a cake a little original by starting each time with the same base. I have already proposed a version with figs and walnuts and also lemon, poppy and feta. To stay in the theme of summer, this time I opted for zucchini, pesto and goat.

And the result is really cute with these mini cake molds, isn’t it? Molds that allow you to carry cakes fairly easily wherever you want. Continue reading

Crackers with sesame and poppy seeds

I took advantage of the weekend of August 15th to take a few days off and go to the seaside. And who says vacation, says appetizers to all meals !! The perfect opportunity to make new crackers after those with paprika, dried tomatoes and thyme I offered last year.

My love for sesame seed is such that I use it as much salty as sweet and I put it very regularly everywhere in my plates. Do you know Gomasio? I recommend using it to season your salads, it’s just perfect!

All this to say that I made crackers with sesame seeds and poppy seeds. They are very aerial, perfect for a “light” aperitif. Continue reading

Bites-sized pieces of melon, fresh cheese and pistachio

Yeeeeesss, the melon has made his big comeback !! If you already know me a little, you know I will eat it every day (as much as I can at least), until it disappears from the stalls. I’ll maybe get tired of it one day by eating so much, but it’s not topical!

Eating it like that, in slice, is by far what I prefer. But I also like to find small variations from time to time.

During a walk on the market not long ago, I saw some jams with melon and pistachio and it totally interested me. This is how the idea of these bites-sized pieces came to me. It’s super fresh, very fast and easy to make. The kind of little things we love to eat in the summer!

You will find other recipes with melon on the blog: Quiche with salmon, goat cheese, melon and pine nuts and Coconut and melon ice cream (without ice cream maker). Continue reading

Mousse of green asparagus

As you may have noticed, the asparagus made their big return on the stalls. I try at the most to follow the seasons but I sometimes lack inspiration to find recipes with vegetables and salty recipes in general. It’s a bit frustrating !!

To return to the asparagus, we see a lot of recipes of clafoutis and tarts on the internet and I wanted to do something else. Yes but what ? Well I have to thank a colleague for giving me the idea of this mousse !! And I want to note again that the asparagus makes its big entry on the blog 🙂

You can serve it as an aperitif or as an appetizer, as you prefer! It’s ultra easy and quick to do, which gives even more desire to realize it not? Continue reading

Panna cotta with goat cheese and beetroot

You know me, I prefer sweet than salty, so in the restaurant, when I have to choose starter-dish or dish-dessert, the question does not arise at all !! It has played a tricks on me not long ago. During a lunch in the restaurant, I saw this famous panna cotta with goat cheese and beetroot on the menu and she tapped me in the eye! Laughing, I said to my friend: “no, it doesn’t matter, I just have to do it myself!”. And as soon as said, as soon as done 🙂

And even though I would never know if my panna cotta matches the restaurant’s, I’m not disappointed at all. This salty panna cotta is a real treat! It is quite sweet, the fresh goat is very present in the mouth at first when the beet comes after. The two are perfectly combined and no doubt I will do it again!

PS: we agree, I managed to make a trompe l’oeil? Could have been a panna cotta with red fruits? Continue reading