Bites-sized pieces of melon, fresh cheese and pistachio

Yeeeeesss, the melon has made his big comeback !! If you already know me a little, you know I will eat it every day (as much as I can at least), until it disappears from the stalls. I’ll maybe get tired of it one day by eating so much, but it’s not topical!

Eating it like that, in slice, is by far what I prefer. But I also like to find small variations from time to time.

During a walk on the market not long ago, I saw some jams with melon and pistachio and it totally interested me. This is how the idea of these bites-sized pieces came to me. It’s super fresh, very fast and easy to make. The kind of little things we love to eat in the summer!

You will find other recipes with melon on the blog: Quiche with salmon, goat cheese, melon and pine nuts and Coconut and melon ice cream (without ice cream maker). Continue reading

Mousse of green asparagus

As you may have noticed, the asparagus made their big return on the stalls. I try at the most to follow the seasons but I sometimes lack inspiration to find recipes with vegetables and salty recipes in general. It’s a bit frustrating !!

To return to the asparagus, we see a lot of recipes of clafoutis and tarts on the internet and I wanted to do something else. Yes but what ? Well I have to thank a colleague for giving me the idea of this mousse !! And I want to note again that the asparagus makes its big entry on the blog 🙂

You can serve it as an aperitif or as an appetizer, as you prefer! It’s ultra easy and quick to do, which gives even more desire to realize it not? Continue reading

Panna cotta with goat cheese and beetroot

You know me, I prefer sweet than salty, so in the restaurant, when I have to choose starter-dish or dish-dessert, the question does not arise at all !! It has played a tricks on me not long ago. During a lunch in the restaurant, I saw this famous panna cotta with goat cheese and beetroot on the menu and she tapped me in the eye! Laughing, I said to my friend: “no, it doesn’t matter, I just have to do it myself!”. And as soon as said, as soon as done 🙂

And even though I would never know if my panna cotta matches the restaurant’s, I’m not disappointed at all. This salty panna cotta is a real treat! It is quite sweet, the fresh goat is very present in the mouth at first when the beet comes after. The two are perfectly combined and no doubt I will do it again!

PS: we agree, I managed to make a trompe l’oeil? Could have been a panna cotta with red fruits? Continue reading

Frittata with chorizo and tomato in an appetizers way

Nothing more in the fridge than eggs … well you can be certain that I will order my meal elsewhere or worse eat cereal for dinner instead of making me an omelette with these eggs. I am not an egg fan at the base, but the omelette is by far the preparation that I like the least. So why propose a frittata? Strangely, this preparation (baked in the oven for my part) makes me forget a little the slobbery omelette that discourages me so much. It’s really psychological because basically it’s a bit the same.

I had already wanted to propose a frittata for the blog with bacon and peas a few months ago, but I had cooked it in an oven that I know badly and Bang!, it had slightly burnt on top. Impossible to take a picture of it, the kind of thing which makes fume !! And then a few weeks ago, I thought of this version with chorizo and I said to myself, with this, it is certain, it will taste nice and it will please me! So I started again in the preparation of a frittata.

And to have taste, I assure you that it has. Between the chorizo extra strong for which I opted, chives and tomato dried, we are served! For a little aperitif, it’s perfect. But if you want, you can not cut it out and serve it as a dish. Continue reading

Makis of crepes with leeks, ham and cantal

Yes Yes Yes, I proposed a recipe of crepes a few days before the Candlemas !! I managed to respect the timing for once 🙂 And I do not stop there because exceptionally, this week, it is not one, but two recipes that I will publish. The second recipe is obviously also based on crepes.

I would never say enough, but I’m far from expecting it to be the Candlemas to eat crepes, quite the contrary !! But it would be a shame to miss it this week. I will propose two recipes, maki with leeks, ham and cantal (frech cheese) and a sweet recipe that will arrive a little later in the week. The sweet after the salty, it’s a bit the best for the end for a sweet tooth like me. Sweet tooth that goes to the point of sacrificing a dish for dessert !!

Crepes is a theme that inspires me, I find pretty quickly the recipes that I will do with. I have already proposed three recipes with: pancakes with ham and mushrooms in a candy way and rolls of pancakes with caramel. Continue reading