Panna cotta with goat cheese and beetroot

You know me, I prefer sweet than salty, so in the restaurant, when I have to choose starter-dish or dish-dessert, the question does not arise at all !! It has played a tricks on me not long ago. During a lunch in the restaurant, I saw this famous panna cotta with goat cheese and beetroot on the menu and she tapped me in the eye! Laughing, I said to my friend: “no, it doesn’t matter, I just have to do it myself!”. And as soon as said, as soon as done 🙂

And even though I would never know if my panna cotta matches the restaurant’s, I’m not disappointed at all. This salty panna cotta is a real treat! It is quite sweet, the fresh goat is very present in the mouth at first when the beet comes after. The two are perfectly combined and no doubt I will do it again!

PS: we agree, I managed to make a trompe l’oeil? Could have been a panna cotta with red fruits? Continue reading

Frittata with chorizo and tomato in an appetizers way

Nothing more in the fridge than eggs … well you can be certain that I will order my meal elsewhere or worse eat cereal for dinner instead of making me an omelette with these eggs. I am not an egg fan at the base, but the omelette is by far the preparation that I like the least. So why propose a frittata? Strangely, this preparation (baked in the oven for my part) makes me forget a little the slobbery omelette that discourages me so much. It’s really psychological because basically it’s a bit the same.

I had already wanted to propose a frittata for the blog with bacon and peas a few months ago, but I had cooked it in an oven that I know badly and Bang!, it had slightly burnt on top. Impossible to take a picture of it, the kind of thing which makes fume !! And then a few weeks ago, I thought of this version with chorizo and I said to myself, with this, it is certain, it will taste nice and it will please me! So I started again in the preparation of a frittata.

And to have taste, I assure you that it has. Between the chorizo extra strong for which I opted, chives and tomato dried, we are served! For a little aperitif, it’s perfect. But if you want, you can not cut it out and serve it as a dish. Continue reading

Makis of crepes with leeks, ham and cantal

Yes Yes Yes, I proposed a recipe of crepes a few days before the Candlemas !! I managed to respect the timing for once 🙂 And I do not stop there because exceptionally, this week, it is not one, but two recipes that I will publish. The second recipe is obviously also based on crepes.

I would never say enough, but I’m far from expecting it to be the Candlemas to eat crepes, quite the contrary !! But it would be a shame to miss it this week. I will propose two recipes, maki with leeks, ham and cantal (frech cheese) and a sweet recipe that will arrive a little later in the week. The sweet after the salty, it’s a bit the best for the end for a sweet tooth like me. Sweet tooth that goes to the point of sacrificing a dish for dessert !!

Crepes is a theme that inspires me, I find pretty quickly the recipes that I will do with. I have already proposed three recipes with: pancakes with ham and mushrooms in a candy way and rolls of pancakes with caramel. Continue reading

Leeks & shrimps turnovers

I do not know if it is the fact of having eaten in abundance last weekend (Christmas in family obliges), but I had difficulties to go back to the stoves. It is to have organized a dinner with my friends which forced me to go back to it !! I say that but I took a great pleasure to settle in the kitchen all day long 🙂

So no salad, no soup but small turnovers that you can make on New Year’s Eve (maybe too late for this year). They can be eaten at a starter or as an appetizer. And good news, it is eaten by itself, it is not filling at all despite of puff pastry.

And, of course, to top it off, I can assure you that these slippers are simple to make. It’s like my turnovers with broccoli, chicken and cheese but smaller! Continue reading

Lemon cake with olive, feta and poppy

I love lemon cakes, tarts, biscuits, etc. … Even if I have still never proposed the famous traditional lemon pie on the blog (shame on me), anyway, you will find a lemon cake with blueberries here. And there is a lemon cake which tempts me every time I see it, it is the one with poppy. Thus it makes months (years?) that I say to myself that I should make it and taste it finally. Yes but the thing is, I do not know why, I began to think to make it in a salty version.

And after some searches, I opted for adding olives and feta. Is my recipe really original? I don’t think so! But, the result is there ! It turns out that this cake took advantage has benefited to many people and as I heard, the recipe is expected firmly then I think that the contract is filled 🙂

Cake au citron, olive, pavot et feta

And finally, I still want to make a lemon cake with poppy in a sweetened version to taste it. Let’s do it!! Continue reading