Pizza with tuna, goat, new onion and tomato

Guess what ? I managed to turn my oven on !! I ate watermelon, melon and salads lunch and dinner during those few days when it was very hot, but it is good to eat a homemade pizza !!

I try to offer pizza recipes from time to time because it’s really something simple to do and it feels good every time. Obviously, I consider that you also make your dough yourself?

The choice of ingredients was very simple for me since when I go to a pizzeria, I take a tuna one every time. To complete it, I did not search for a long time before deciding to add goat, tomato and onion again. This pizza is not especially original, but I guarantee the taste 🙂

You can find another pizza recipe on the blog : Green pizza with spinach, peas and broccoli Continue reading

Fried turkey with tomato and olives

Well, it’s true that with the heat of the last days, we want to eat melon, watermelon, or a big salad. But, I reassure you, this pan-fried is quite appreciable, even if it’s hot.

The tomato is a fruit I have a lot of difficulties to pass, even in winter (bouuuh I know, it is not good). But when the summer comes, it becomes an indispensable part of my meals. This pan-fried is not new to me, I do it quite often and I thought to share it with you. This gives the opportunity to propose a small dish very simple to realize.

If you want to make it even simpler (yes it is possible), you can simply mix the tomato & olive sauce with pasta! Continue reading

Gnocchi with Sweet Potato, Spinach, Sesame and Parmesan

It’s time for confessions, you should know that when have hard time on a recipe, I do not always indicate it. In general, when it is not very serious, I find the problem and I adapt the proportions and the steps of the recipe in function (promised, I scrupulously pay attention that everything is perfect for you to reproduce it at home you). Obviously, sometimes, I really miss a recipe and not at all able to post it on the blog.

In the case of the first recipe of gnocchi with hazelnut and nutmeg which I proposed, I had great difficulties in making it. It is not very complicated but it requires to have the knack. Knack that I managed to have only at the end …. I had to put much more time than average to realize them so although I liked the tasting very much, it think it at two times before make it again.

But I did not say my last word !!! I was not going to stay on a semi-failure, no way !! And I dashed into a sweet potato gnocchi recipe and VICTOIRE !! This time, I enjoyed making them. It’s like playing with clay 🙂

For the garnish, I have taken something simple that goes well with gnocchi already fragrant. Continue reading

Penne with chestnuts, mushrooms and bacon

You asked for a comforting dish? I do not especially want to talk about weather, but it’s a fact, it’s freezing outside !! So because soups are not really my thing (even if I’m going to drink it this winter as always because it’s ideal in such a time), to choose, I prefer to make a good dish of pasta. I do not eat it often, but when I eat it, I want it to be a good dish that warms my heart while remaining healthy if possible.

For the speech “5 fruits and vegetables per day”, will have to review! It is true that there are chestnuts that bring many good things but oddly, maybe because of the color, I find it hard to assimilate them to fruits. Finally, good enough, just eat an apple and a carrot (my tip every day) and here we are !!

Penne aux marrons, champignons et bacon

And the verdict is without appeal, this dish of seasonal pasta is a really really good. Wrapped up in a good big sweater and fleece slippers and it’s even better! And you, what is your comforting dish of winter? Continue reading

Salad with curly lettuce, sweet potato, bacon and mushrooms

We are on Wednesday, October 19th, it is 9:30 pm, I am quietly watching at ” the Best Pastry ” and I think that it is the ideal moment to write my article. I have just finished my dinner (by a small piece of chocolate) and, obviously, I am still hungry (it’s normal when seeing all these good things on the TV). Then, I go looking for me something to snack when I have finished writing, this will be my reward (I’ll try not to rush through my article so far to go rushing me on a sweet faster, I reassure you).

I’m talking about chocolate and pastry, but it is a salad that I will propose today. If you follow me for a long time, you will have noticed that I suggest a salad with each change of season. And so, with autumn comes the curly lettuce with sweet potato, bacon and mushrooms. It’s a simple salad, perfect for a complete express dinner or for your lunch.

Salade frisée avec patate douce, lardons et champignons

I have already proposed a recipe with sweet potatoes not a long time ago with the waffles and I must say that I do not get tired. I really want to test sweet version next time, in a cake or something, if you have ideas, I’m all ears !! Oh, and by cons if you want nice savory recipe with sweet potatoes, I suggest you go see the blog Delphine “Del’s Cooking Twist“, this blog is a real gold mine !! Continue reading