Pizza with tuna, goat, new onion and tomato

Guess what ? I managed to turn my oven on !! I ate watermelon, melon and salads lunch and dinner during those few days when it was very hot, but it is good to eat a homemade pizza !!

I try to offer pizza recipes from time to time because it’s really something simple to do and it feels good every time. Obviously, I consider that you also make your dough yourself?

The choice of ingredients was very simple for me since when I go to a pizzeria, I take a tuna one every time. To complete it, I did not search for a long time before deciding to add goat, tomato and onion again. This pizza is not especially original, but I guarantee the taste 🙂

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Bites-sized pieces of melon, fresh cheese and pistachio

Yeeeeesss, the melon has made his big comeback !! If you already know me a little, you know I will eat it every day (as much as I can at least), until it disappears from the stalls. I’ll maybe get tired of it one day by eating so much, but it’s not topical!

Eating it like that, in slice, is by far what I prefer. But I also like to find small variations from time to time.

During a walk on the market not long ago, I saw some jams with melon and pistachio and it totally interested me. This is how the idea of these bites-sized pieces came to me. It’s super fresh, very fast and easy to make. The kind of little things we love to eat in the summer!

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Fried turkey with tomato and olives

Well, it’s true that with the heat of the last days, we want to eat melon, watermelon, or a big salad. But, I reassure you, this pan-fried is quite appreciable, even if it’s hot.

The tomato is a fruit I have a lot of difficulties to pass, even in winter (bouuuh I know, it is not good). But when the summer comes, it becomes an indispensable part of my meals. This pan-fried is not new to me, I do it quite often and I thought to share it with you. This gives the opportunity to propose a small dish very simple to realize.

If you want to make it even simpler (yes it is possible), you can simply mix the tomato & olive sauce with pasta! Continue reading

Mousse of green asparagus

As you may have noticed, the asparagus made their big return on the stalls. I try at the most to follow the seasons but I sometimes lack inspiration to find recipes with vegetables and salty recipes in general. It’s a bit frustrating !!

To return to the asparagus, we see a lot of recipes of clafoutis and tarts on the internet and I wanted to do something else. Yes but what ? Well I have to thank a colleague for giving me the idea of this mousse !! And I want to note again that the asparagus makes its big entry on the blog 🙂

You can serve it as an aperitif or as an appetizer, as you prefer! It’s ultra easy and quick to do, which gives even more desire to realize it not? Continue reading

Toasts with eggplant, goat and honey

Well, this is not the sexiest recipe I’ve proposed here, far from it, but these toasts have the merit of being good. It is not that they are ugly, they are just colors that are not very attractive, I thought about it taking the picture and then too bad. This is always more tempting than a dish of kidneys not? (I really eat everything, but that I can not!)

I have already proposed several tartines on the blog: toasts with figs, roquefort and parma ham and toast with hummus peas, fresh goat cheese and shrimp. I like that very much, it’s quick to do and declinable to infinity. The little extra is that you are free to make small sizes for aperitif or large sizes for dinner.

I knew that eggplant and goat would go very well together and for the sweet and savory lover that I am, I thought to add a little honey go perfectly well with the others two. Continue reading