Quiche with mushrooms, ham and parsley

Without lying, this recipe is on my to do list for 3 months (since June / July therefore). I stamped with impatience to see the Autumn arrive to finally make this quiche. I had a sudden urge to see the fallen leaves, to walk in the forest and to feel the sweet smell that emanates from nature. And then it started to rain and my enthusiasm took off a little!

Let’s go back to our mushrooms! I love quiches (it’s not new), it’s convenient, fast, perfect for lunch at work. My favorite quiche is surely the one with leeks but it is good to vary from time to time.

So today, it’s mushrooms, raised with garlic and parsley, accompanied with ham. It is a delightfully autumnal quiche. Continue reading

Goat cheese on a bed of figs

As for the mirabelles, I take advantage of the short season of the figs to propose a recipe. Easy recipe, ultra fast to realize as to write. And yet, I had a hard time getting the writing of the article in my schedule. The month of September is the busiest month in my work (for yours too, isn’t it?). I can not find the time to watch twitter, instagram and when I go home in the evening, I want everything, except to get back to the computer. Well, I take a break to put myself in my bubble and write this recipe.

This recipe s like a starter for me. I offer little here so I am happy to diversify a little. I love the hot goat cheese but this is not the case for everyone. By adding this bed of figs underneath, I managed to make goat cheese eaten by some who don’t really like cheese. I am really happy 🙂

Preparation time: 15 min

Cooking time: 10 min

Ingredients (for 4 people):
– Slices of bread
– 2 goat cheese
– 4 small figs
– Of the thyme

Cut the goat cheese in half lengthways and cut the figs into thin slices.

Place the fig slices on a slice of bread and add half a goat cheese. Sprinkle with a little thyme and bake for 10 min at 180 ° C. To taste hot.

Let’s cook 😉

Mini cakes with zucchini, pesto and goat

As soon as I got home from Bali (I so want to to tell you about it), I rush to write this recipe before fatigue takes me. As I would have stayed on vacation a little longer, I propose a summer recipe. Picnic with friends? Snack during a trip? Aperitif? These minis cakes will easily intrude on your kitchen.

I think it is easy to make a cake a little original by starting each time with the same base. I have already proposed a version with figs and walnuts and also lemon, poppy and feta. To stay in the theme of summer, this time I opted for zucchini, pesto and goat.

And the result is really cute with these mini cake molds, isn’t it? Molds that allow you to carry cakes fairly easily wherever you want. Continue reading

Crackers with sesame and poppy seeds

I took advantage of the weekend of August 15th to take a few days off and go to the seaside. And who says vacation, says appetizers to all meals !! The perfect opportunity to make new crackers after those with paprika, dried tomatoes and thyme I offered last year.

My love for sesame seed is such that I use it as much salty as sweet and I put it very regularly everywhere in my plates. Do you know Gomasio? I recommend using it to season your salads, it’s just perfect!

All this to say that I made crackers with sesame seeds and poppy seeds. They are very aerial, perfect for a “light” aperitif. Continue reading

Fresh salad of bulgur, cucumber, chickpeas, feta and mint

The advantage, when we live alone, is that we can eat what we want. But the big disadvantage is the quantities. I try to buy in small quantities as much as I can, but it’s not always easy. And then out of question to throw !! So, I love mini formats  🙂 Even if it’s true that it makes more packaging, and then strangely, the smaller it is, the more expensive it is!

Well, all that to talk about the chickpeas used here, which, as you can see, were in a tiny box. You can imagine, I never buy a can! But you will find boxes of corn and chickpea in my closet as I like to add them to my salads. But it’s like the rest, the boxes are too big for me (yes yes, even the smallest formats you know). So when Bonduelle introduced me to his new range #ToucheofBetter, I took the opportunity and I did not have to think long before I found out what I was going to do with it.

It is therefore a summer salad, fresh and tasty that I propose to you today. Continue reading