About me

So it’s here that I have to explain you why having created this blog.

No surprise, the cooking and I, it is a big love story!! The person whom I have to thank: my mother. It is a real cordon bleu (I prefer to let the expression in French, I’m sure that you know it) I grew up with her good small dishes and her essays of new recipes. She introduced me and it was in my most great pleasure 🙂

Finally I have to admit that when we have somebody who cooks as well at home, it is difficult to find the place. While leaving to study somewhere else, my taste for the cooking had developed a lot. It became a game, I could look, find new recipes to be tried, and finally, I left buying what was needed to realize my finds. To go shopping is fast became a pleasure, an expected moment !!

It is also the life in colocation which fed this desire to cook. We were many, with different origins and it saw itself in our plates. To share the meals with my colocs was a real source of inspiration.

Finally, the family values and of sharing are very important for me. But the discoveries and the adventure are also the mainspring in cooking. I constantly need to try new recipes, to discover new techniques and new flavors.

Today, I lived alone and it does not prevent me from cooking. I share with my close friends as far as possible, but I do not unfortunately have there the opportunity as much as I would want it.

The blog here comes to answer my desire for sharing but also for improvement. I have some more of progress to be made and the critics of the readers can be beneficial.

I wish you a good reading and good appetite


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