Baked potatoes stuffed with spinach and cheese

Not long ago, the Royal Dairy store, the first site of high gastronomy on-line for cheese, suggested me sending me one Box of cheese. I can tell you that I did not need a long time before accepting. It is the first time which I agree to receive some products and, in this case, it was impossible to refuse! Because yes, you had to notice it, I adore the cheese! I put it regularly in my recipes and it is really just like my everyday life. It is difficult for me to make a meal without cheese, it is as for the chocolate!

I thus received 5 different cheeses: some goat cheese, the County, some Tomme cheese of Berry with truffle, the Brie with truffle, and the Reblochon. They are any excellent but I am anxious to underline the incredible taste of the County and the Brie. We feel that cheeses are carefully chosen and the prices remain affordable considering the quality. I have to precise, it’s French cheese, they are powerful in mouth but here in France, we are crazy about it ! 

There is obviously numerous recipes possible to make with these cheeses although I would tend to savour them simply with some good bread and some wine (French cliché but so true). On this occasion, I wanted to propose you a recipe of baked potato stuffed with spinach and reblochon (a type of cheese).

Pomme de terre au four farcie aux épinard et reblochon

It is a recipe very simple to make, which will accompany perfectly your winter evenings. The tastes of the cheese and the spinach get married very well together.

Ingredients (for 4 potatoes):
– 4 average potatoes (approximately 10 cms in length)
– 200g of spinach in branch frozen
– 1 shallot
– 5g of butter
– 50g of reblochon (cheese)
– 1 tablespoon of fresh cream
– Salt, pepper

Begin by cooking baked potatoes. Bake them during 1 or 1,5 hour according to the thickness of potatoes in 200°C (392°F). Remove from the oven when cooked.

Make warm the butter in a pan over medium heat. Chisel the shallot and melt it in the butter. Add then the frozen spinach and let cook approximately 10min always over medium heat. Once cooked, salt and pepper and add the fresh cream.

Make one crack in the middle of the potato and empty it so as to be able to put it spinach and cheese. Leave approximately 2 cms of edges. In emptied part, put a first layer of spinach in the potato, add then of the cheese then still spinach and finish by recovering with a slice of cheese. For the quantities of cheese, it depends on your tastes obviously and you can use another cheese if you wish. To put in the oven 5 min in the oven and it is ready!

Let’s cook 😉

Plateau de fromages

Pomme de terre au four farcie aux épinard et reblochon

Pomme de terre au four farcie aux épinard et reblochon

Pomme de terre au four farcie aux épinard et reblochon

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