Puff brioche

It had been a long time since this brioche made eyes at me and now I finally took time to make it. I have to admit that this trend of a little bit original brioches pleases me a lot. But, I have difficulty in resolving to make a recipe which we see already a lot on the Web, it’s a pity to stop for that, then I hope to make more efforts to propose you fashionable recipes, even if I am not a pioneer.

Here, the difficulty lives in the lamination of the dough which I begin finally to master (yeeeees^^). Finally this brioche is a real delight, crumb is soft as one pleases. I can assure you that it did not last long. Here we are, it is what I also like with brioches, it is that they please a large number. Difficult to resist!!

Brioche feuilletée

– 250g of flour
– 2 eggs
– 20g of caster sugar
– 1 pinch of salt
– 12g of baker’s fresh yeast
– 100g of soft butter

– 80g of butter for the tourage (the action to make puff brioche)
– 1 egg beaten for the gilt

Put the flour, the salt and the sugar in a salad bowl. Make a well and add egg. Mix then add the crumbled yeast. Mix then until obtain a homogeneous dough. Add then the soft butter in dice and mix until it incorporates completely in the dough. Let then the dough rest at least 2 hours in a moderate place (25 in 30°C), put in a warm oven if it is too much cold at your home.

The dough should have doubled in volume. Take it and mold it to make it degas. Re-form a ball with then, roll up it of film paper and place it in the refrigerator 12 hours. In this last stage, if you see that the slightly too sticky dough, put back a little flour but do not forget, more the dough is difficult to manipulate, softer it will be!

The next day, take the butter and display it to form a square of 3mm of thickness. Take then the brioche dough, display it so that it forms one rectangle twice as big as butters on approximately 3 mm in thickness. Place the butter in the center of the dough then pull down the extremities of the dough on the butter (the third part of the top and the third part of bottom have to cover the butter). Then spread to re-form a long rectangle. It is the stage of the tourage. Bend again in three by pulling down the extremities in the center and place in the refrigerator 20min. Turn right then the dough of a quarter and spread it again and redo the same thing. For this brioche, I made the tourage only twice. The drawing down should help.


Take out the dough of the refrigerator, spread it in a big rectangle then roll up it on itself by watching to wet edges so that the dough sticks. Cut 6 equal portions and place them in one springform pan buttered by alternating them to the left and to the right (the dough will not then perform every space but do not worry, it is going to swell in the cooking). Let rest 1 hour.

Whitewash the dough of the beaten egg and put in the oven 30 in 40min in 200°C by watching the cooking.

Let’s cook 😉

Brioche feuilletée

Brioche feuilletée

Brioche feuilletée

Brioche feuilletée

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9 thoughts on “Puff brioche

  1. This looks wonderful, I am definitely going to make this some time soon. However, I was just wondering , is there really no liquid in this dough? Does it rely on eggs and butter alone for moisture? I’ve never seen a brioche recipe that didn’t call for some kind of liquid, which is why I’m asking, just to make sure 🙂

  2. This looks marvelous but I am afraid I do not understand “take it and mold it to make it degas”. Could you explain further? I cannot wait to try this….but dont want to mess it up for my lack of understanding! Thanks so much. MMmm!

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